Currently planned for February 2013 in the Marlborough Sounds.

We are excited to announce that Freeman Patterson has agreed to include in his hectic world -wide schedule of presentations, a return to New Zealand for 2 only ‘back to back’ workshops in February 2013. Once again he will tutor with well known and popular NZ photographic artist Sally Mason.

Freeman and Sally’s promised goal for ‘The Edge of Perception’ is to present a workshop which breaks new ground and that everybody who attends will remember forever.

As expressed by Freeman and Sally, ‘There are many photography workshops that teach us HOW to make images. We are constantly bombarded with upgrades and “better ways of doing things”, and we are always striving to fine tune our knowledge of this aspect of photography.  While we do need to know “how to drive” our equipment, often it means that we overlook the very reason for our photography – using it as an expression of what we see and how we feel. No amount of technical knowledge and competence is, of itself, sufficient to make a craftsperson into an artist. That requires caring – passionate caring – about ultimate things’.

Sally continues to teach workshops throughout New Zealand and overseas and has been engaged as Keynote Presenter at the Australian Photographic Society National Convention [APSCON] for 2013.    She continually explores the never ending boundaries of creative camera play and works at developing in her students the spontaneity and intuition that comes with it. An integral part of her workshops is developing an understanding of the importance of the person behind the image, recognizing WHY we are who we are, and how that influences our photography.

Photography is an artistic medium – an art form which needs to be examined more closely alongside other major art forms. Included in this workshop will be a look at some other forms of visual art, and a look behind the artwork to the artists themselves and an exploration of the WHY factor in their work. Participants in this workshop will be challenged to look at the relationship they have with the photographic medium, on a personal basis rather than in a technical way.< This is a life changing opportunity. If you believe your photography can be developed further, why not join other like minded souls at ‘The Edge of Perception’!

View flyer here Edge of Perception A4 pdf