From South Waikato Camera Club…

Dear Club Contact Person,

As you are aware, from our previous emails this is a print exhibition conducted in a very innovative way. One of our goals is to achieve a reduction in the costs of entering.

Our theme ‘Our NEW ZEALAND’ simply means that if the photo was taken in New Zealand it will fit our theme!

Attached to this email is a pdf copy of the entry form for our competition/exhibition. We would be very grateful if you could, in turn, attach it to you Club Newsletter, thus distributing it to your Members.

Or if they prefer they could email us at with entry form as the subject & we will email them the form ‘direct’.

We will also send out ‘hard copy’ with the next PSNZ ‘CameraTalk’.

Looking forward to your support.

email- Form SWCC Exhib (12030) v4.pdf