Painter Man © Elaine Melville

Our newsletters are not only an update of what’s going on with the club, they include news of workshops, exhibitions, judging results and more.

We’re sure you’ll find them interesting!

As of November 2014 we have moved to an email newsletter format. Please use the form on the right to subscribe – you’ll then receive our latest news automatically in your email inbox each month. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you have subscribed but are not receiving the newsletters, check your spam filter first then send us a message.

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You can view the archive of our past newsletters below.

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2015 Critiques

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2014 Newsletters

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Newsletter-2014-06 + Results-2014-06

Newsletter-2014-05 + Results-2014-05

Newsletter-2014-04 + Results-2014-04

Newsletter-2014-03 + Results-2014-03


2013 Newsletters

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Newsletter-2013-11 + Critiques-2013-10

Newsletter-2013-10 + Critiques_2013-09

Newsletter_2013_09 + Critiques_2013-08

Newsletter_2013_08 + Theme_Critiques_2013-07 + Open_Critiques_2013-07

Newsletter_2013_07 + Theme_Critiques_2013-06 + Open_Critiques_2013-06

Newsletter_2013_06 + Critiques_2013-05

Newsletter_2013_05 + Critiques_2013-04

Newsletter_2013_04 + Theme_Critiques_2013-03 + Open_Critiques_2013-03

Newsletter_2013_03 + Critiques_2013-02



2012 Newsletters

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Newsletter_2012_11 + Critiques_2012-10

Newsletter_2012_10 + Critiques_2012-09

Newsletter_2012_09 + Critiques_2012-08

Newsletter_2012_08 + Critiques_2012-07

Newsletter_2012_07 + Critiques_2012-06

Newsletter_2012_06 + Critiques_2012-05

Newsletter_2012_05 + Critiques_2012-04

Newsletter_2012_04 + Critiques_2012-03

Newsletter_2012_03 + Critiques_2012-02



Newsletter_2011_12 + Newsletter_2011_02